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The Diary AKA Journal

This is just a taste of my journal. If you want to read the complete journal, just send me an email at psychoant@hotmail.com and I will give you the permission codes and website for it.

July 27, 2004
Thank GOD I'm Living! Today I woke up at 9AM and I got ready and went to school to do a little studying before my test this morning. I got a 92 on the test GHYEEEEAH Thank GOD!!! I am enthused. Now I am learning about the NTFS file system because he said it will be on the test also. I didn't pay much attention to NTFS, but I did finish up a few things on this site. I am now a little depressed about my car not being sold and I feel as if I am a failure, but it is OK. I am going to keep going. I went to the gym today and I played basketball for a long time and won over 7 games in a row. I was playing pretty good today as far as defense goes even though I did not contribute many points, I was still a major factor in the game. I also went to Gregg's house, the guy Dorian wanted me to meet and I got my chance to meet him and get connected with this new program to make money through Excel. I am going to hopefully get a lot of money that I can sit and residually let build. I pray to GOD that it happens, but I'm not counting chickens. Oh, and finally, it is 2:15AM! I'm still not going to bed on time.

July 28, 2004
Thank GOD I'm Living! Went to class and discovered that I had done 4 projects in my Java class incorrectly. It seems as if there is nothing I can do either. I must take 4 0's. That is definitely going to hurt considering the fact that the projects count 50% of our grade.I must now focus on the last projects and get them done so I will be able to do them. I am now going to have to pass the final with flying colors so I will be able to pass. It is going to be difficult. I think I am not going to go and sell the things for that dude Gregg because my mom told me not to. The bible says honor thy mother and father so that is what I'm going to do. I promised Park, Sharon, Gregg, Dorian, and myself that I was going to do it, but I guess I will have to go and just do my thing. To make matters worse I have a weeks wait on my gig of RAM and I have my new motherboard today. I am not going to install the motherboard until I get the RAM. Sharon has a huge problem also because somebody broke her house window and now she is under Frog Pond contract to pay for it herself. She has no money and she is in trouble. I think she may have a little help though. It rained very hard today and I talked to DJ on MSN messenger. I watched the movie Usual Suspects with Sharon. I also watched Scarface and the Goodie Mob DVD. I was a little upset today so I did not feel like working out or doing any work. Lord bless all the people in this world who have it out against me , because no matter how much I wish I didn't have them in this world I need them in order for me to keep going and staying on my toes.

August 9, 2004
Thank GOD I'm Living! This morning I added a lot of new sections to my website and updated a few things dealing with pictures. I also am beginning to start thinking of what I am going to do for my parents page. This diary section will be becoming password protected soon, once I have a little more time. I went to Albany to check some cars out to come to the conclusion that I am going to just save my money up and sell the Mach 5 and then when I get my job in the future have a better chance at getting something really nice and new instead of something used. I am still hoping that I sell this car though. I gotta run to Atlanta tomorrow so I may not have the chance to edit this diary tomorrow. I found a nice dude at Boost Solutions that is going to do a little tuning of the AEM EMS ECU tomorrow. I am so happy to be home cause mom is hooking the food up. She especially hooked up dinner tonight. She had the chicken, mac, and biscuits "blazin" (Sean Cook, 2004). I watched the movie Badder Santa tonight on the 4:3 and I already miss the 16:9. That movie was so funny. I recommend it to all adults. It had a lot of adult comedy and it was a little vulgar.

August 10, 2004
Thank GOD I'm Living! You're going to wonder why I have so much typed out for today!!! Well the next couple of days were action packed and I was very involved. I thank GOD that I made it through and I hope that you enjoy : Today I woke up at around 10:50 and then checked my email and stuff and jumped in the shower while listening to the radio. I got up and called Chris, but he did not call back and then fixed me a plate of string beans, potatoes, mac, and rice. It was a good meal of leftovers and then I got ready to hit the door when my pops had called. I hit the road and the car crunk up kind of quickly and then I headed to Tifton to get gas at Shell while listening to Soulja Slim. At Shell I saw Alvin and I told him to holla at me when he was going to play some basketball. I then hit the road and began on my journey to ATL. I called Peppermint Patty and she said she could not meet me in Mac-Town because she was running behind schedule. So I kept going. It was raining harder than it has ever rained before in my life while I am on the road. I saw an accident around Cordele with three cars smashed up and a fleet of officers. About a half mile to a mile later I saw a big truck flipped over with another one in the median facing backwards with the trailer facing forwards. It was crazy and I pray that everyone is OK. It was one of the craziest accidents. I kept going throughout the stormy rain and it was a little hectic. I saw a CLK that was red and it was looking so sweet. I really wanted that car at that moment. I then got to ATL after listening to Soulja Slim and BG and AZ. In ATL I slid in a little Shyne and got krunk. I stopped at Exxon about 20 minutes from where I needed to be to get some gas because I was a little low on petrol. There I came back and tried to crank it and it would not crank. I was a little pissed. I started seeing a lot of nice cars passing by and I enjoyed the ATL atmosphere at the time. Later a dude came and asked me for some matches and a light and just posted up next to me like it was a corner. I was like, "If you don't move!" I then tried some more to crank the car and then I decided to call Boost Solutions and they got a tow truck to come and swoop me up to the shop. After tripping out on Clarence the Northside Tow truck guy, Jeremy came and him and me went up to Boost Solutions. Those people there are really friendly and they really know how to handle business. I highly recommend them so far, but lets see how my car turns out, I hope they can get it so that it is really nice. The shop was clean and they even had a secretary there at the shop that was actually a secretary. He actually did work, unlike other shops who just has people hang around while one dude does work and the rest bullskate around, I ain't naming no names. They had a bunch of Nissan's and Evo's there. I got to take a ride in one of the guys Evo's at shop. He said it was cranking 400hp and 500hp on race gas. That thing was SO fast. It was sitting me back in my seat literally. I can't wait to get me an NSX or a Ferarri or a Vette. Jeremy then rode me to Wendy's to get some grub while we listened to some old NAS and tripped out on George the superstar. I then went to the mall to pick up that new Madden while we passed some of the car dealerships that I had wanted to check out before I left town. I then went back to the crib in Marietta and watched some television and tripped out with Cory. I talked to Mika after 12, talking about she just got off work at the Varsity. I watched Barbershop 2, I kind of liked that movie it was interesting and entertaining. It rekindled me with me pride as a black man. Of course I talked to Sharon a couple times and my parents HOUNDED me the entire time trying to make sure I'm OK. All in all, it has been a crazy day and one that I will remember. I thank the lord Jesus that nothing bad happen today and I pray that he helps me fight the temptation to buy another car and just save the money. I know I done wrote a lot, but a lot has happened. Moral of the story is: Thank you Jesus for safety, thanks Clarence the tow man, and thanks to ATL and GA for being kind and helping a brother out. I love Georgia and I can feel a good vibe when I get to ATL. I know that this is the place for me. That is unless a whole lot of Miami people start moving up here. Thank GOD that at the end of the day, I was alive!

September 1, 2004
Thank GOD I'm Living! Got up this morning, and it seemed a little harder than usual. I took Sharon to school and I came home and took a nap and I woke up very cold. The people was outside wacking away at the grass and it woke me up and pissed me off. I got some new music off the net, that new Shocker and then I got some clothes on and went to the gym. I feel a little stronger and I was lifting a little more than I usually do and I think that it is because of all the meat I been eating. I came back home and took a bath and then I went to school to get some stuff done after I watched a few videos on television. I sent in my Career Center application and I am checking my email now and they have already responded. That was fast! I then went to go and check on my financial aid deferment stuff and it went through. So I now am straight in the money and the job. I then went to go and park on campus because I had left my phone at Sharon house and she left it at the desk. The people at her dorm were super stiff. I had to make up 2 lies to get in the building and then they caught me in the lies when the lady at the front desk was interrogating me. They had three ladies pounding away at me. One asking if I lived there, and what I wanted. One asking for my ID, what my telephone number is, what's my name, what's my girlfriend's name. And one, the oldest lady of them all, clowning me. She was saying that I look like Snoop Dogg, and I'm skinny like Snoop Dogg. She asked if I was California, and she asked me what I was doing at my girlfriend's house. Them women was ruthless. All I wanted was my cellphone back. I finally got it back and I scurried up out of there and headed to class. U know how COP4020 was, I ain't even gotta say nothing. Boring. As a matter of fact, I don't what the teacher was doing in the class cause I was spending most of the time doing THIS (my website). I got outta class and went to Ruby Tuesday's to get some food and they were training new people and it was so annoying. The waiters were pestering me with the new employee always asking me if I needed something. I wanted to tell them that I needed them to leave me a lone. There is good service and then there is good service that turns bad. I left there and then went to take Sharon to her play try-outs. I went to the library while she was doing her practices. I studied pretty hard and then she gave me a call to pick her up and we once again got into an argument for one reason or another. I came home and finished studying for my math test tomorrow. Oh last, but not least, it is the 9th month that Sharon and I have been going together. It's been tough.

October 5, 2004
Thank GOD I'm Living! Got up today and headed to class to learn Algorithms. We had a pop quiz today that got popped by everybody. I really did bad on the quiz. I wish to GOD that he could help me gain the knowledge to understand and apply the material in that class correctly. I left it and headed to Calculus for another quiz. I did OK on this one, but I could have done a lot better if I had studied only a little bit. I then went to the lab and instead of donig the Op Sys Xtra Credit, I ran my mouth about football. I did finish it though after a while and turned it in in class. After class was over, I went to the house and ate a couple slices of pizza, baked chicken, butter beans, rice, macaroni and cheese, and .... that's it. I did it with Chris while watching Transformers. I left there and headed to the Bank of America presentation in the Union. Come to figure it was a sales meeting and I was not fit for the job. I had the wrong background. It doesn't mean that I couldn't do it because I know I could, but what really pissed me off (which something does at least once a day) was the fact that, they didn't even take my resume! I talked to one of the ladies in charge and she basically told me that I could not have an interview and she did not accept my resume. I was a little pissed, but hey, it's the corporate world for you. It was not the fact that I did not seem professional enough or that I did not seem qualified for the job, it was the fact that, she was too lazy to incorporate me into the interviews. I tried to get her to fit me into an interview at the last minute and even if I did not have the chance to get an interview it would allow me the opportunity to be critiqued. She just said NO!!! Well scratch Bank of America off the list of future employers and banks for that matter. I left that and went to watch my homies do a concert at a talent show. Their microphones were not working correctly and so it seemed as if they did not do a good job. The people organizing the event should have took more precaution in getting their set-up correct. Left that and took Syndia home and then went home and began homework and now I am going to bed. Once again it is one of those late nights. It is 2:35AM and I am just about to now go to bed. I love you Jesus and mom too. I ain't forgetting you neither dad.

This is just a taste of my journal. I can not let everybody know what I am doing everyday so I am only posting a little of what I do. If you want to read the complete journal, just send me an email at psychoant@hotmail.com and I will give you the permission codes and website for it.

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