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The NP chicks
These are the rough, Norman Park chicks. You don't wanna mess with them!

Jamie & Liz
Some Gator punks, representing their SORRY school.

Ex-g/f being cute.

This is my friend at her old place of occupation where she got her nickname from.

Sharon's Headshot
My ex-girl's headshot.

Sharon, Kenesha, & Shannan
U know they up to no good!

Sharon & Nicole
My ex-girl, and her friend Nicole.

My Ju Ju
My dream (left), greed, ignorace, stupidity, blindness, Sharon, & George Bush took her away from me.

Gabby and Friends 1
Gabby and some of her friends from Italy starting trouble.

Gabby and Friends 2
My Italian homegirl Gabby and her friends before they go out.

Marsha Thomason
Ahhhhh!!! What can I say, beauty!

My friend in ATL, Mika. The track star.

Tracie Brooks
My friend from Fairburn, GA.

My BEST friend Shavon. We used to do everything together. Miss u girl!!!

Gerry and Trvevine
My homegirls, take a picture in case they don't make it back from the caper they're about to commit.

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