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This is my homeboy Dave's Page
It isn't really much, but he quit working on it because he left to go to Japan last year.

This is my girl Erica's Page
Her site is pretty detailed. She hasn't really done much to it lately.

This is my homeboy Mike's Page
His site is really nice and I am working on getting my site better than his.

This is my homeboy Kazunori's Page His site is really nice. You must download the pack from Microsoft to see the Japanese symbols though because he is from Japan and he has a Japanese website.

This is my girl Liz's Page Her site is nicely done at one time I was in competition with her at to who could have the best site. I think mine is better because her site is like a Scion compared to my site which is a Benz. The Scion (her site) may have a bunch of options and it is very cusomizable, but a Benz (my site) will still be the better choice, no matter the options. Liz you need to update it so I can have some more competition.

This is my homegirl Kenesha's Page
She just begun her page and she has a lot of updating to do, but I know she is going to do it soon.

This is my homeboy Allon's Page
He is in one of my classes and into martial arts.

The sites HTML Goodies helped me create this web page and so did Barebones HTML and HTML-HTML

The site Wyoming Web Designs is an excellent site to take a look at if you want help with any creations using flash. Go and check them out.

Lajeunessecosmetics is a company I am trying to work for as their Internet Marketing Director.

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