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Student Star Photo
Me doing what I do best.

Student Star Photo
Again, Me doing what I do best

Student Star Photo
For the last time, Me doing what I do best

Me, in most naturalest form.

Me and Zae
Me and my partner Zae AKA Pooh.

Me and Marvin B4 robbin' Floyds.

Me and Dada
Ski, DaDa, Lil G, Keon, & I one weekend two December's ago cruising ATL with Mike Epps.

Big Sexy
Me trying to look cute, I really don't like this picture.

Moma, it's too early fo dis!

Dave, Kazu, Manuel, Misa, Anton
A picture of me while I was in Japan with some friends. Manuel and I was so happy at the time because we had nothing to eat for 2 days except twinkies. Seriously that was all that we ate! You see the excitement on our faces.

Potatoe Baby
The top two potatoe babies in the school. I got 1st with my twins. This was 1996-97, 8th grade.

Me, Manny Dave
In Japan with my friends before our journey to Miyajima again.

Manuel and I
Manuel and I at the Hiroshima monument chillin' with the locals. This was a special day to me.

In all red, you heard what I said.

Sharon, Me, My Car
Me in the NSX I just bought. Got a flat tire. Engine was messed up. Got money back.

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