blog coming soon

For now, enjoy this beautiful city image accompanied by the soothing raindrops that I created with Javascript and embedded onto this page

For now, POLICE & evil Prosecutors to leave me alone.

Thank you Very Much
To all the Family, people, & energies that keep me Alive!
Thank you.
GETTING OLD is ridiculously difficult for some of us. But I'm still here
Gonna start using my website as my blog instead of dumbass Facebook!!!

Need to figure out how to get a video stream embedded on here.

need to get an Only Fans so I can write more freely

Need to keep some of my stuff totally private and not share at all

Need to find a secret way to store my memories!

I'm going to keep at it



I get hazed with multiple tests, conversations with multiple groups of people, & critique of the work examples from the past 17 years before I gain an opportunity to be apart of the team.

I don't see my Asian nor European friends jumping through the same hoops.

I am hearing that employers can not find talented coders. THAT'S A JOKE!

They're exhausting their search with the same stereotypical groups of people. 🤷🏽‍♂️v #racialbias

Asians, Europeans, & Whites are NOT the only people who know computers! Of course I do not get their support. Is this civilized?

When children pick teams, they tend to pick their friends or people who look like them even if it puts them at a disadvantage over other well built teams void of prejudices. These same kids grow into adults who make business decisions...

Networking for a job has become like dating on Tinder. Nobodies reading the descriptions, they're only listening for the lines & looking at the pics!